Group Health insurance

92130 offers Member-focused service, a wide choice of plans and doctors, financial strength and affordable rates.

What else makes us different?

*  Affordable monthly premiums
*  Discounts on medical care
*  Your choice of doctors
*  No Broker Fees!*

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Dependable Coverage

In a world that’s constantly changing, one thing’s for certain: it’s important to have health care coverage you can depend on — coverage designed to help fit your budget, and your way of life. Our plans are conveniently packaged to fit your company’s health plan needs, we are focused on delivering better care to our members and providing greater value to our customers.

Competitively Priced

Our competitively priced PPO & HMO plans backed by multiple nation’s largest provider network. Plus, if you’re a qualifying small business, with a minimum of five employees and at least 51% of them live in in-state, you’re guaranteed coverage.

Specialty Products

To enhance your employees health and financial futures, we offer specialty products including dental, vision and team life coverage. Most importantly, these specialty products are completely designed with your employees’ total health in mind. From A to Z, we make it easier for small businesses to add value to your benefits package and possibly even save money.

We are your single solution

It’s all about making your benefits program simpler. And most importantly, making it work well together. Comprehensive, inexpensive plans can play a role in managing the overall health and well-being of your employees and simplify your life.

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