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What Factors that Affect Your Health Insurance Payment

As our economy is still struggling to bounce back, it’s now more than ever more necessary to come up with belt-tightening measures. Spending smartly and being cautious about every penny that comes out of our wallet is really something that we can’t get away with – well that is if we want to survive these trying times without too much dent on our finances.

These belt-tightening schemes would no doubt include your health insurance coverage. So in order to slash some precious dollar from our health insurance plan or for your health care in general, you have to understand what really is shaping up your insurance policy cost. If you don’t have coverage at work and paying insurance on your own through individual or family insurance plans, these should give you a pretty clear idea on what are the factors that affect your premium.

  • Your health status – Obviously, the healthier you are, the more affordable your premium is.  As you can imagine, the more health risk you pose, the higher you premium will be because your insurer will likely have a bigger chance of paying more on your covered benefits. If your health often requires visiting the doctor’s clinic or you need some prescription drugs taken regularly for a long time, your insurer will usually ask for a higher premium or monthly payment in return for the amount that they’ll be paying out.
  • Your gender – It may not come as a surprise that women would usually have higher health insurance premium as compared to men. This is because there’s one medical need that a woman would require that men will never have – pregnancy. As you know, getting pregnant, giving birth and rearing baby would require some medical attention – which translates to insurers as an expense.
  • Your age – As you grow older, the chance of your body to require medical attention also increases. And it’s not hard to imagine what your insurer takes on by insuring you – that’s why their usual recourse is to jack up your insurance premium.

These factors play a big factor in determining your monthly premium but won’t affect that much as the year 2014 comes along. In addition, there’s no more reason for insurers to charge you more based on your gender and there will not be much difference in the cost of insurance based on age.


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